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The Precast Advantage:

  • Off Site Manufacture – allows concrete panels to be precast whilst site establishment is taking place.
  • Elimination – of formwork, propping and scaffolding.
  • Minimise Site Labour - No blocklayers, formworkers, plasterers etc.
  • Delivery Services – to site at the Contractors requirements.
  • Rapid Placement – Wall erection rates of 500m2 per day. Result – early completion of project – early return on investment.
  • Rapid Closure – of structure allowing early follow up by finished trades.
  • Safe Working Platforms – created at each level.
  • Transfloor Panels – are cast on smooth, level steel beds, which ensures soffit is suitable for receiving decorative finishes direct.
  • Inclement Weather – problems measurably eliminated.
  • Site Environment – issues are massively reduced particularly noise and cleanup requirements.

Product Range:

  • Precast/pre-stressed/post tensioned Bridge Beams, Bearing Piles, Building Columns, Beams and Suspended floors.
  • Decorative and Polished Building Panels.
  • Custom made Precast Signs and Boundary Panels
  • Septic tanks up to 30,000 Litres Manholes 1050 dia and 1200 dia, Manhole Bases, Increments and Covers
  • Stormwater Sumps
  • Side Entry Pits and Lids
  • Silt and Seed Filter Traps
  • Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts
  • Grease Arrestors
  • Oil Separators Anchor blocks up to 10 tonne
  • Galvanized Grates and Frames
  • Cast Iron Sump Grates and Frames
  • Glass Reinforced Polyester Drainage Channel
  • Small Product Range includes Outdoor Tables & Seating, Slatted Seats, Bench Seats, BBQ's, Paving Slabs, Stairtreads, Wash Troughs, Stock Troughs, Litter Bins, Planter Pots, Car and Truck Stops, Fence Posts, Garden Edging, Column and Fence Peaks, Tree Rings, Sprinkler Surrounds, Bird Baths, Balustrades, Spoon Drains and Guttering.

Concrete Furniture Stock

  • Concrete Furniture Stock

Culverts Stock

  • Culverts Stock

Elliptical Window

  • Elliptical Window

Inspection Openings

  • Inspection Openings

Manhole Cover

  • Manhole Cover


  • Mitchell Street Polished Panels

Outdoor Setting

  • Outdoor Setting

Outer Darwin Sign

  • Outer Darwin Sign

Precast Stair Treads

  • Precast Stair Treads